What OFWCareers has to offer the Healthcare Industry and its Employers



OFWCareers is a new employment model that optimizes the advantages of the existing large pool of Filipino Doctors, Nurses and Allied Healthcare professionals working in the Gulf States.  The long timeline in accessing quality healthcare staff is often tied up in the bureaucracy of identifying candidates internationally, meeting complicated visa and licensing requirements and then the costly process of transportation and settling in expenses. Many hospitals are challenged by the dilemma of sourcing, replacing and retaining their medical staff in a timely and efficient manner in order to provide the volume of medical professionals to service patient demand. This is supported by recent research completed by Frost and Sullivan “The GCC Healthcare Outlook”  where they identify that the number one challenge across the GCC is a “Manpower Crisis”.

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OFWCareers was established by Australian Healthcare Management professionals frustrated with these barriers while working in the Gulf States. Their unique affiliation and respect of Filipino Healthcare professionals lead them to investigate how to access the existing large pool of Filipino medical staff while they were still living and employed in the region but nearing the end of their current contract and looking for their next career move. The research lead to the concept that by accessing existing Filipino staff already Visa’d and licensed in the region’s system, helped mitigate much of the bureaucracy that causes delays in the engagement timeline and transit costs are reduced.

OFWCareers is based on an online platform of digitized workflows and registration processes that stores the personal and professional healthcare records of our OFW Medical Community at www.ofwcareers.com. Our member records are stored in an SSL protected data warehouse and password protected for customized access. The OFWCareers system offers a personalized reminder service for important renewal dates of professional and personal records such as licences, PD and visas.

So what does all this smart technology and intellectual healthcare property mean to Gulf employers? The answer is; a pool of Job Ready Healthcare professionals available at a much reduced timeline and expense to meet critical staffing vacancies and future workforce planning.  Essentially employers provide OFWCareers staff through our portal at BusDev@ofwcareers.com or info@ofwcareers.com  their medical vacancy requirements and we match their required skill sets against our existing data base of medical professionals. We provide a minimum of three resumes per position for interview and consideration by the employers HR staff saving them much time and expense that can be better spent managing and retaining their current medical workforce.

OFWCareers is a one stop staffing and manpower solution platform that uses digitized work flows and an SSL protected data warehouse to provide Job Ready candidates to meet the needs of Gulf Employer’s at a much reduced timeline and recruitment cost. These important time and expense saving initiatives free up the HR units of employer’s to perform their core business of the management and retention of the current workforce while OFWCareers provides a customized recruitment and workforce pipeline capability.

Why not engage us at www.ofwcareers.com and realize the operational and financial benefits of our technology based medical staffing solution that helps mitigate the bureaucracy of the recruitment processes by providing Job Ready candidates to meet your recruiting needs.