Enjoy Peace of Mind – Alway be Job Ready

Her name is Rose and she is currently a Charge Nurse, a position she has held for the best part of her 16 years in Abu Dhabi.

Asked what made her choose Abu Dhabi, it was more of what the place had to offer her in terms of her financial goals closely followed by career. With 3 lovely children to raise, their future has become the focus of her job. She takes on added duties with additional hours confident that she will be paid commensurately. The equitable compensation that she receives in her current work in relation to hours worked is well above what she can receive back home. The Gulf Region still offers the peace of mind she seeks.

Statistics from the 2016 Overseas Salary Report reflects that jobs in the healthcare industry remain amongst one of the highest paying sectors, with OFWs getting an average of $2,000 USD per month.

Like the thousands of Filipino nurses who staff Abu Dhabi’s medical facilities, Rose left her homeland, because of low wages and “contractual work” without benefits. It was the promise of a high salary abroad, in contrast with the low wages in the Philippines that made her move to the Gulf Region 16 years ago. While working in Abu Dhabi, not only did she realise her financial goals but had also experience growth in her career.

While many like her are not planning a career move she admits that services being offered by OFW Careers is essential to those who are still looking at building their careers. Or in her case should a better opportunity arise then she will be Job Ready. For those like her, the idea that a Career Management Agency offering free, yet secured online storage for her important professional documents and the possibility of being offered better career opportunities for career progression are a great reason to join.

The Gulf Region is a very competitive job market particularly for the busy professional.

For this reason, the services offered by OFW Careers are invaluable. To have a professional manage their career and assist them in remaining Job Ready is the good news worth spreading.