Lucky Draw Winner – April 2018


Congratulations John Kenneth Belmonte! You won $250 in cash!

John is a Registered Nurse with over 3 years in an Infection Control clinical setting rendering high standards of culturally competent nursing care to diverse range of patients and environments.

He is a committed Healthcare Professional who is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and working as an Infection Control Professional who leads and supports outstanding healthcare teams within the facility.

John Kenneth has been an OFW since 2015 and is excited to continue his growing experience as an OFW Registered Nurse.

We asked John a few questions about our portal and what he expects and below are his answers:

1. How easy it was to complete your OFW Careers profile in our system?

I did not face any difficulties in completing my OFW Career profile. The interface is user-friendly having the experience convenient and efficient.

2. What do you expect from OFW Careers – (Subjective).

With the experience under my belt, I’m looking for an opportunity to take the next step in my career. I believe OFW Careers will assist me in finding the right opportunity and to have smooth job transition.

We are very proud to have John Kenneth as part of the OFW Careers family and will continue to identify the next best opportunity for him, now that he is Job Ready by completing his OFW Careers profile.

Congratulations again John!