Meet Liza, a Nurse Supervisor in Saudi Arabia

Ms. Liza Jane Yabut is proud to represent OFW Careers and shares a little bit about herself on working in the healthcare industry in the Middle East.

Read through as she answers some basic questions about her career and how she ended up with OFW Careers on getting her an opportunity for her next job.

What is your current profession and what do you enjoy most about it?

I am now working as a Nurse Supervisor. Honestly, this is the position that I never dreamed to become. I thought that I couldn’t do it. On the contrary, the other side of me kept telling me that I’d better go for it. If others can do it why can’t I? I took it as a challenge and this is it.. I am very proud of myself in achieving this position. As the days went on, I feel that I love this job. I have a great responsibilities to myself, to the staff, and to my superiors. I enjoy dealing with the patient-staff issues and with their cooperation and how I resolve issues successfully. It’s nice to hear the “Thank you” from the staff and patients.

What influenced you to Join and register with OFW Careers?

I was searching for jobs online when I saw this site. I was caught up with its name OFW careers, so I signed up. Looking at the possibility that it might help me to find a new job.

What are your concerns when looking for the next job opportunity?

Well, just hoping for luck. Since I was looking for a new job outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was trying my luck that my application would be given some attention with my years of experience. Moreover, there are exams especially in UAE and I am not that confident anymore in taking exams, but chances are that I can still try.

What is the best advice you would give someone wanting to enhance their career and opportunities as an OFW Healthcare Professional?

My best advice is to have always a positive attitude. It’s more important what you feel about the task you’re going to accomplish and take it as a challenge. Have a continual learning attitude to increase contribution, like taking advantage of training programs and do research. Take initiative to do things better, share ideas and new skills. Works with the team with respect and honesty.

I started my career here in Middle east without any experience working in critical care areas and now I am in managerial position. When the offer came I grabbed it and told myself “Everything can be learned”. Just be confident and think positive.