Is It Worthwhile Being a Nurse in Qatar?

As you now when working in the healthcare sector as a nurse there is always the challenge of finding work life balance and still being challenged professionally.

Qatar healthcare workforce management continually strives to support the very essence of Work Life Balance and especially for Healthcare Professionals which as a majority are nurses.

Aside from the balance between work and lifestyle there is also the added comfort of having English widely spoken throughout Qatar both professionally and socially, which surprises some first timers.

Qatar is an exciting adventure for anyone but especially for nurses where there is a rapidly growing state of the art healthcare sector and exciting opportunities to support the up and coming 2020 World Cup requirements.


The benefits of nurses in Qatar

There are several advantages of trying one’s luck as a nurse in Qatar. First among these is the fact that the high salaries paid out are wholly tax free—meaning a higher take home amount. There are also several benefits on offer with most health care employers that can cover accommodation and transportation. All of this is tempered by a relatively affordable cost of living that grants higher savings potential.

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of Qatar specifically is the robust support system one can expect while working there. The Philippine Nurses’ Association in Qatar has been one such group since 2008. They provide protection and support for the many nurses already working in Qatar and even conduct medical missions as a means to enhance the image of Filipinos in the gulf country.