Healthcare Events and Conferences in Dubai

For many employers, it can be very difficult to sort through many different resumes to find something that stands out. Apart from a richness and depth of your work experiences, it helps to have a range of events and conferences related to your allied healthcare field. These show an expansive knowledgebase that takes in current trends as well as interest in growth—both appealing to potential employers. Here are several prominent events and conferences in Dubai focused on healthcare.

International Conference on Medical, Medicine, and Health Sciences

Held monthly in many other countries, this conference covers issues concerning medicine as well as medical and health sciences. There are always specially selected sub themes. While primarily scholastic in bent—with support ostensibly provided for students of specialization across a wider range—workers in the field will benefit from the discussions and seminars on offer within the conference. There are usually around 5000 delegates to this conference which runs the course of an entire day and is one of the best ways that you can also network with professionals in your field.

International Conference on Recent Challenges in Cardiology

One of the newer conferences to hit the circuit in Dubai, it’s actually rather small in terms of attendees with over 500 expected to attend. It covers everything to do with Cardiology. Rather than what the name implies, however, it focuses on cutting edge developments within the specialization. It’s the perfect option for those who specialize or assist within this field. Many of the participant come form manufacturing firms who research and produce the devices used by cardiologists to improve the care that they provide their patients. What they talk about makes this a worthwhile addition to anyone’s resume.

World Congress on Microbial Infectious Diseases

Another smaller conference, this one is organized by Aquilus International—a world leader in scientific research on infectious diseases—and is one of the most critical conferences in this field. The theme for this year is “An Insight on Advances in Microbial Diseases, Eradication of Important Pathogens and Prevention of Human Diseases by Developing New Strategies towards Personalized Medicine” It’s a great venue for any physician, practitioner, or even nurses invested in microbiology—which is nearly everyone.

World Nurse Practitioner Conference (World Nurse Practitioners & Healthcare Congress)

For those who are nurses, this is one of few conferences specific to the field. The current theme revolves around the current trends as well as innovations in nursing. It’s a larger gathering that features practitioners globally to share their insights and developments in the field. Attendees can expect talks and seminars to cover topics highly relevant to nurses. This will allow you to advance your knowledge and capabilities in your field—enhancing your own experiences. Attendance in this conference is a must for nurses looking to advance in their careers.

If you’re looking to expand on your career, you should consider attending a range of conferences and events to expand your experience. This will help your resume. With OFW Careers, that resume can be online and matched to potentially relevant employers. We offer assistance to find a step up in your career by finding employers who meet your personal career goals and who would want your specific experience.