Finding a Healthcare Job in Dubai


Dubai is considered as providing one of UAE’s highest standard of healthcare services and facilities. With competitive and tax-free salary, there is no wonder that many healthcare professionals across the globe choose to work in the country.

Dubai healthcare owes its continuous expansion to the increasing number of expat workers. In fact, expats comprise of 80 percent of workers in the country. Dubai is also a hub of many OFWs who look for a better opportunity and higher salary rate to support their dreams and goals.

Working in Dubai healthcare sector

The Dubai Healthcare City is where you can find different medical services and facilities (e.g. hospitals, pharmacies, etc.). Aside from the high-quality facilities, you will also be surrounded by well-trained, healthcare practitioners.

Salary rates vary depending on the role, level and qualifications. Pay rates in the private sectors are generally higher than in the public sector, so it just depends on where you work. According to, a staff nurse can earn up to 87,764 AED in a year while a physician or general doctor earns 257,713 AED.

In addition to competitive pay rates, benefits such as travel expenses, health insurance, and paid annual leave for 40 days (for full-timers only) can be enjoyed by the workers as most of the benefits are now compulsory.

Job opportunities

If you are interested to work in Dubai, you may browse the Dubai Healthcare City website: ( for available job opportunities.

With the vast healthcare sectors in Dubai, it might be confusing where exactly to find the right job opportunities. Listed below are some of the well-known hospitals in the country. These facilities are notable because of the range of services they offer. If you want to jumpstart your career in the best environment, you might want to consider using OFW Careers to do the hard work for you to see if there are opportunities in hospitals such as:

  • American Hospital
  • Gulf Specialty Hospital
  • Emirates Hospital
  • Al Maktoum Hospital
  • Saudi German Hospital Dubai


OFW Careers can help you land your next healthcare job by assisting you in finding an opportunity that suits your skills and experience.

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