Filipinos – A Key to the Smart Healthcare Movement

We think you are the key to the Smart Healthcare Movement!

Did you know that you are part of the “Smart Healthcare Movement”? Yes, you as a Filipino Healthcare Professional are part of the solution in providing smarter and better-quality healthcare.

OFW Careers would like to share and discuss the following report with our OFW Careers team, which is you as Filipino Healthcare Professional across Dental, Nursing, Medicine and Allied Health.

The report discusses how we can be smarter in our approach as Healthcare providers globally, which directly impacts you.  As a stakeholder you may not be the direct instigator of the policy or governance but you do implement them and are the ones that drive the blood flow of the Healthcare workforce which is the most important aspect. Without your compassion, drive and capability as a Healthcare Professional the healthcare sector would not survive or even exist. Recognise your talent and artform of being the best Filipino Healthcare Professional there is.



One of the key take away concepts mentioned is that “A successful transition to value-based care requires that market players and consumers move beyond transaction-based treatment to the holistic health of populations; from treatment to prevention/wellness; and from individual to population health. Health care providers can also look at deploying innovative care delivery models based on data and analytics.”

You too can be smarter and recognise your individual potential as a healthcare professional and give yourself the best opportunity. Apply a proactive approach and don’t be reactive; Plan, Prepare and Present with OFW Careers to be a part of this Smart Movement. Using technology as your tool, OFW Careers aims to provide the right service for Dental, Nursing, Medicine and Allied Health Professionals to enable your contribution towards the innovative and smart healthcare movement. As part of our service we provide an automated expiry notification on your uploaded documents; Practicing Licence, PRC, BLS and any other documents. By providing you the service of automated notifications, a space to keep your current documents we enable you to be Job Ready.

As mentioned and indicated in the article above, you as Healthcare Professionals are the drivers of change but not just any change “Smart change”. We want to be able to facilitate your next move in the Healthcare sector so that you can be a part of an organisation that is on board with doing things smarter in the healthcare sector. There is a continuous demand for Doctors, Nurses, Dental and Allied Health Professionals across the GCC Healthcare sectors and it is only growing.

As you are already an experienced GCC Healthcare Professional and have completed your first contract within the GCC Healthcare workforce, you are a valued contribution to meeting the demand. Apply a proactive approach and don’t be reactive; Plan, Prepare and Present with OFW Careers to be a part of this Smart Movement with OFW Careers Management Services.