CPD on Medical License Renewal Process (Qatar)


Selecting the right healthcare practitioners is significant to ensure quality healthcare services. Qatar recognized the idea of selecting competent, truly qualified professionals to deliver quality healthcare services. In turn, the Qatar government made a policy, requiring all healthcare professionals working in the country to participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities. The initiative particularly aims to demote outdated healthcare workers who need to catch up with exciting healthcare systems and environments.

Benefits of CPD                 

In general, CPD is essential to being a competent and competitive Healthcare Professional in today’s evolving healthcare industry that demands quality standards. Participating in the program also builds confidence and credibility within the employees. Meanwhile, employers with CPD compliant workers can expect high standard and quality work among their people, according to CPD Standards.com.

The program will not also benefit businesses and industries, but the public will also reap the rewards of receiving quality services and products.

Integrating CPD on medical license renewal process

In 2013, the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) was established for facilitating healthcare professionals both in private and public healthcare sectors. The council was also assigned to head all of the CPD activities, which took effect in 2016. Under the program, healthcare practitioners must take development courses under QCHP accredited organizations before they can apply or renew their clinical licenses.

The CPD is a multi-faceted program, which composes of various activities that will help professionals develop their communication, leadership, and management skills further.

QCHP sees the Integration of CPD activities as one way to assure the public that the country will continue to have up-to-date and improved healthcare services.

OFWs in Qatar healthcare sector

It is compulsory for Filipinos in the healthcare sector to get their license renewed before it expires. If not, they will be forced to go back in the Philippines. The same thing applies to those practitioners whose license was revoked because they did not work for two years, as stated in the policy.

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