Anesthesia Department Simulation Courses (ADSC)

Date: October 13, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to welcome you to a prestigious set of simulation courses organized by the Anesthesia, ICU and Perioperative Medicine Department at HMC. These courses are designed to enhance your education and clinical skills by combining education and training to help you adapt to the latest advancements in technology.

The Anesthesia Department Simulation Courses (ADSC) will be held on a regular basis in the world class Qatar Robotic Surgery Center in Doha, Qatar and are primarily aimed at medical students, physicians, technicians, technologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

The objective of ADSC is to create an educational environment promoting basic and advanced science and clinical applications using technical and non-technical skills in training.

These workshops and courses will include a variety of lectures, videos, hands on training and different skill stations in anesthesia and pain management. The program activities will be led by experts and distinguished speakers from different leading institutions worldwide.

By offering these courses, it is our mission and commitment to achieve excellent evidence-based patient care through evaluation and dissemination of knowledge and technology and the introduction of innovative solutions in all the relevant areas of our profession.

We hope you will join us for ADSC and we will look forward to seeing you. For those of you registering from outside of Doha, we hope the course venue will give you an opportunity to develop ideas in enjoyable surroundings and to explore the magnetic nature, old history and rich cultural heritage of Qatar.


Prof. Marco Abraham E Marcus
Chairman of Anesthesiology, ICU and Peri-Operative Medicine, HMC

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1000 Job Ready Candidates


As of today, OFW Careers has started building up a pool of over 1000 qualified Job Ready Filipino candidates. All of these are currently working as healthcare professionals in the Gulf States, have signed up for the assistance that OFW Careers has to offer, and are raring up for the next steps up in their career. In fact, of this number, over 20% are currently lined up to take on their next jobs. That’s a bonus considering that the hectic nature of their work makes it difficult to do these things themselves.

A Challenge of Time

The biggest challenge in finding the next big step in your career is not that there aren’t any opportunities—rather, there isn’t enough time between your busy work schedule or shift to go through the standard process of updating your resume, finding an opportunity, sending out your resume, and following up. For that reason, many healthcare professionals finishing up their first contract in the Gulf States miss out on opportunities to earn more and advance their careers.

OFW Careers offers comprehensive career management services targeting experienced Filipino Healthcare Professionals and aims to provide essential support in their career path. They do this by leveraging technology to create relevant connections.

A Better Way

Beginning with no fees for applicants, OFW Careers offers a simpler and more intuitive way for Filipino healthcare professionals to connect with jobs that matches their skill sets and professional goals. OFW Careers even offers a convenient means by which applicants can be reminded of when their professional licenses and certificates need renewing. This level of convenience makes them the perfect partners for Filipino healthcare workers in the Gulf States.

Being Job Ready

At the core of OFW Careers is a database wherein applicants can post their updated resumes online—including copies of their relevant certificates and licenses. This data base is secure yet still easily accessible for applicants to update wherever they may be. This resume is then used to match and connect your stored skill sets to relevant job vacancies across the Gulf States. OFW Careers even handles presenting your customized resume to these job opportunities taking into consideration the requirements and criteria of each opportunity.

Managing Connections 

On top of all of that, OFW Careers facilitates the screening as well as the interview that is essential to your next career move. We connect to potential employers by providing them your profiles for easy review. The convenience and comprehensiveness of your Job Ready profiles means that your application isn’t mired and drowned out by many other candidates. This ease of connectivity is what allows the process to be smoother.

Why wait for opportunities when you can proactively reach out to them as you work? Join the growing number of your fellow Filipino Healthcare Professionals who are on the way to advancing their careers through our services. With OFW Careers, your next great opportunity is just around the corner. Contact us via email at and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about how we can help you today.

Applying for a Job with OFW Careers

Some quick questions that we want to address for Filipino Healthcare Professionals wanting to apply for our open/vacant positions at OFW Careers.

“Found a Job that you want to apply for with OFW Careers like a Homecare Nurse Position, what to do next?”

Applying for a job is simple and absolutely free. All you have to do is access our website and you can use the Dropdown Menu on the home page or simply click on a red action tab – Be Job Ready or  Apply for Hot Jobs Now


When applying for a job on the OFW Careers Website, you can apply by either using your existing registration or create a new registration for those of you who have yet to join.

For new sign ups, you must follow the registration process which you can do in 5 easy steps!
Register, Complete your Profile and Apply for available jobs with us at OFW Careers.

5 Things you need to know about Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia

With its world class hospitals and health care facilities, Saudi Arabia is one of the top destination for experienced Allied health care professionals from the Philippines looking for a step forward in their careers. As with any major career move, however, there can be some nervousness and anxiety involved. That’s made worse by the realization that you’re rooting yourself up from what’s familiar and planting yourself in a land far away.

One of the biggest challenges posed is the fear that all people have of the unknown. That’s why it’s critical to better understand all that you can about your possible destination—in this case, Saudi Arabia. Here are five of the interesting things you should know to better understand what Saudi Arabia has to offer in terms of climate, culture, and other quirky facts that will make you feel more comfortable.

  1. Saudi Arabia is hot yet cool.


As a desert country, temperatures in Saudi Arabia can run really high. It’s a dry kind of heat. Fortunately, while Saudi Arabia can get hot, it sits next to wide bodies of water. The Arabian Peninsula—which it is nearest—is one of the largest in the world. This means that you can expect cool breezes to push in through Saudi Arabian cities—providing a counterpoint to the heat.

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  1. Saudi Arabia loves coffee!

The coffee blend ‘Arabica’ derives its name from this country where coffee shops were rife in and around Mecca since the mid 15th century. What’s funny is that in the strictest form of Islam, coffee is prohibited because it is considered a stimulant—many orthodox Saudis avoid coffee. Many others, however, love the stuff so your late night shifts at the hospital won’t be as exhausting because you can get coffee almost anywhere.


  1. Saudi Arabia has a lot of foreigners.


A recent study conducted by the United Nations has found that over 30% of the population of Saudi Arabia is comprised of immigrants and overseas workers—and a great many of that are Filipino! Simply put, it’s hard to feel too lonely and distant from the Philippines with many kababayans within reach. There are even many associations that help newcomers from every field to feel welcome in a sense of community.


  1. Saudi Arabia employs a lot of non-nationals.


What’s even more staggering is that over 80% of the work force in Saudi Arabia are non-nationals. Many of these are Filipino but other countries are also represented. This means that in certain areas and even hospitals, the Islamic laws in place are somewhat more relaxed—allowing you to feel more comfortable when you go over.


  1. Saudi Arabia pays its Allied healthcare professionals really well.


The Gulf States feature excellent health care and the best and most well-equipped hospitals in the world. What they often need are skilled and highly trained professionals. If you’re looking to explore this possible career step in your life, it will definitely help to go for career management services—they’ll help you connect with potential employers in the Gulf States.


With many opportunities available, you should not pass on the chance to more forward. Not only will you be able to earn more but you will find many opportunities to grow in your chosen profession.

KSA Guideline of Professional Classification and Registration for Health Practitioners

KSA Guideline of Professional Classification and Registration for Health Practitioners


Completing your Employment History Experience Details

Important Information to know when completing your Employment History Experience Details.

We require a minimum of your current employment with at least 1 – 2  previous or 2 – 3 previous if you are not employed and in between jobs. There is an add more on the top right hand corner where you may add your history.

When completing the Employment History section with OFW Careers it is so important for you to complete the Experience Details for each role in a very comprehensive but concise way. All that is needed is a few words that capture your experience, competence and professional character.

*Please do not enter information using capital letters as this impacts on how we present you to our clients.

By completing the Experience Details section you need to understand that we use this information to introduce you to our clients for consideration.

Below is an example of how a Theatre Nurse has provided us a better understanding of her Experience Details.

Operating Theatre Nurse:

Operating Theatre – O & G, Operating Department, Operating Theaters – Peri Ops


Summary of Department, Responsibilities & Key Skills Assigned in Operating Room as Scrub and Circulating Nurse that provides Peri-operative nursing care to the patient which cater OB-Gynecology Cases. Competent in handling and operating Laparoscopy Tower, Hysteroscopy Tower and other equipment such as cautery machine, suction machine, OR light, OR table, pneumatic compression machine, etc. Occasionally exposed to other discipline such as General Surgery and Oncology Cases.

Operating Theatre Nurse:

Scrub and Circulating Nurse – Peri Operative Nurse


Summary of Department, Responsibilities & Key Skills Assigned in Operating Room as Scrub and Circulating Nurse that provides Peri-operative Nursing care to the patient which cater General Surgery, OB-Gynecology, Orthopedic, ENT, Urology, and Neurology. Operated cautery machine, suction machine, OR table, OR light, Laparoscopy Tower, Robotic Einstein Tower, Arthroscopy Tower, Harmonic Machine, etc. Worked as a Circulating Nurse in Labor and Delivery and provided Nursing care to patients in Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

Being Job Ready is putting your best foot forward for the next job opportunity in the Gulf Region. As you do your part, OFW Careers does ours by placing your resumes in front of hiring companies looking to fulfill hospital/medical job requirements.

Be Job Ready with OFW Careers!



How to be Job Ready in 5 Easy Steps.

Before you begin we need to know that you are compliant with our services:

Make sure that you read the requirements and tick the checkbox that confirms that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of

The other important thing to remember is that any box with a red star (*) against it means that it is mandatory and that your registration will not be complete if any red star boxes are left empty.

Step 1: Registration and Personal Details

To register you need to use your valid email address, once this is validated you can then complete your personal details and upload your original Resume.

The account details is where you continue with your email and fill in your password. Passwords should have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 characters which should include a Capital letter, a Symbol, and a number. Example would be People@123.

The personal details is your standard form sheet which tells us more about you. Keep in mind that this information will be included when we create your custom resume that we submit to our partner companies for their fulfillment requirements.

The last part would be your immunization records, current employment contract, and your updated resume.

The resume is the one that is really required but having the other 2 do help us understand your situation further and know how we can assist you in your next job opportunity.

Once all is completed, click on Save & Continue.

Remember you can save from this point and return at any time to complete your profile details for steps 2-5. That’s why we send you a login email for future access and management. You can request login details at any time by going to the Forgot Password link when signing in.

Step 2: Career Details

When completing the employment history section, you can add as many employers as required. Also remember to be brief when filling in the experience details, a few lines that outline your experience within the role for example; Leadership/supervisory role, specialised/type equipment used, communication skills, ability to work under pressure etc.

It is important for us to understand your preferences in order to match you more accurately with the opportunities we receive from our partners.

Step 3: Education Details


Step 4: Professional License

The reason for providing your Clinical License evidence is to support the application verification process. It allows potential employers to know your current status and that you have all the administrative requirements for them to consider you. We also provide the service of a reminder on expiry dates to support you to be current with your important documents such as licensing.

The second part of the License details is the Certificate validation. As many of you know in nursing you are not able to have a valid license unless you have a current BLS as a minimum. Other craft groups it is not mandatory so don’t stress. But the more certificates you can identify the better.

Step 5: Other Details

Other Details section includes the all-important Passport and Visa details along with your current language proficiency. Similar to the reason we ask for your Licenses we use the Passport as an ID validation to cross refence your licenses and details on your Resume.

When completing the Language section please remember that you have the option to add other lanaguages to relfect your international expereince and capability.


Once you have reached the screen above, that means that YOU ARE NOW JOB READY! It qualifies you to all the benefits of an applicant member of OFW Careers and all of our promotions for the month.

Godspeed, and Mabuhay Filipino OFWs!

A Tool for Seamless Transfers

According to the website, the healthcare spending in the GCC is expected to reach more than 133.19 billion dollars in 2018. Rising population, an increase in lifestyle disease and insurance penetration contributes to the expected increase in spending.

Big names like Cleveland Clinic, which has dealt with more than 337,000 patients since its opening in 2016, and King’s College London, which is expecting to open this year, are recent addition to the numerous high-profile healthcare projects currently being undertaken both by the government and the private sector in the GCC. With such trend, opportunities had opened aimed at inviting new skills and experience to the healthcare market.

While the invitation is in place, regulators in prospective Gulf destinations need to fully recognize the applicant’s credentials. Unless one is a physician, having passed either the United States Licensing Examination, the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination, Australian Medical Council Examination, or Membership of the Royal College of Physicians/Surgeons (MRCP and MRCS), a few of the international exams recognized by the UAE health regulatory board, the applicant will be required to take and pass the UAE Medical License exams.

Prior to taking the exam, academic as well as professional credentials will have to be submitted. However, verification processes of documents to ensure they satisfy the selected country’s Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR) vary from country to country.

While GCC countries have a different set of rules for providing visas and permits, they take the same steps when it comes to certification of documents. To confirm whether the credentials submitted by the applicant is accurate and legitimate, these countries use Primary Source Verification (PSV).  Primary Source Verification is the act of verifying the applicant’s documents directly from the issuing sources through a specialized international company called “Dataflow”. PSV ensures that healthcare professionals practicing in the Emirates of Dubai is legitimate and qualified.

Dataflow has an accreditation process which verifies the supporting documents submitted by the applicant, and will determine if their experience is authentic and fulfills each country’s Professional Qualification Requirement. Any Healthcare professional wishing to practice their profession in the GCC needs to complete dataflow for them to be licensed.

DataFlowPlus is a centralized service for OFWs to support them in obtaining dataflow across the GCC. In order to understand the dataflow requirements and to learn what options are available to the healthcare professionals seeking to transfer to another Gulf country looking for growth in their career, OFW Careers provides the following link.