Lucky Draw Winner – April 2018


Congratulations John Kenneth Belmonte! You won $250 in cash!

John is a Registered Nurse with over 3 years in an Infection Control clinical setting rendering high standards of culturally competent nursing care to diverse range of patients and environments.

He is a committed Healthcare Professional who is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and working as an Infection Control Professional who leads and supports outstanding healthcare teams within the facility.

John Kenneth has been an OFW since 2015 and is excited to continue his growing experience as an OFW Registered Nurse.

We asked John a few questions about our portal and what he expects and below are his answers:

1. How easy it was to complete your OFW Careers profile in our system?

I did not face any difficulties in completing my OFW Career profile. The interface is user-friendly having the experience convenient and efficient.

2. What do you expect from OFW Careers – (Subjective).

With the experience under my belt, I’m looking for an opportunity to take the next step in my career. I believe OFW Careers will assist me in finding the right opportunity and to have smooth job transition.

We are very proud to have John Kenneth as part of the OFW Careers family and will continue to identify the next best opportunity for him, now that he is Job Ready by completing his OFW Careers profile.

Congratulations again John!



Lucky Draw Winner – March 2018


Congratulations Elizabeth Hiteroza Margajay! You won $250 in cash!

OFW Careers got to know Elizabeth a little better after she responded to us for being selected in the random Lucky Draw promo.

Elizabeth is a hardworking and committed Healthcare Professional who is based in Riyadh, KSA and working in an Emergency Care Centre. She has been an OFW since 1995 and has extensive experience across various specialties including: ER Adult Care Staff Nurse (Emergency Care Center), ER/Treatment Room /Primary Care Center and MRI Department.

When asked about OFW Career’s sign up process, she said that it was so easy – aside from it was very accessible, it was also very organized in a sense that she just followed the commands of the system one step at a time and that’s it! She didn’t even realize that she had already completed her profile.

Elizabeth is always up to date with recent techniques and procedures and keeps her CPD current and valid. She speaks fluent in both English and Arabic which assists her in progressing in her professional journey.

We are very proud to have Elizabeth as part of the OFW Careers family and will continue to identify the next best opportunity for her, now that she is Job Ready by completing her profile.


Completing your Employment History Experience Details

Important Information to know when completing your Employment History Experience Details.

We require a minimum of your current employment with at least 1 – 2  previous or 2 – 3 previous if you are not employed and in between jobs. There is an add more on the top right hand corner where you may add your history.

When completing the Employment History section with OFW Careers it is so important for you to complete the Experience Details for each role in a very comprehensive but concise way. All that is needed is a few words that capture your experience, competence and professional character.

*Please do not enter information using capital letters as this impacts on how we present you to our clients.

By completing the Experience Details section you need to understand that we use this information to introduce you to our clients for consideration.

Below is an example of how a Theatre Nurse has provided us a better understanding of her Experience Details.

Operating Theatre Nurse:

Operating Theatre – O & G, Operating Department, Operating Theaters – Peri Ops


Summary of Department, Responsibilities & Key Skills Assigned in Operating Room as Scrub and Circulating Nurse that provides Peri-operative nursing care to the patient which cater OB-Gynecology Cases. Competent in handling and operating Laparoscopy Tower, Hysteroscopy Tower and other equipment such as cautery machine, suction machine, OR light, OR table, pneumatic compression machine, etc. Occasionally exposed to other discipline such as General Surgery and Oncology Cases.

Operating Theatre Nurse:

Scrub and Circulating Nurse – Peri Operative Nurse


Summary of Department, Responsibilities & Key Skills Assigned in Operating Room as Scrub and Circulating Nurse that provides Peri-operative Nursing care to the patient which cater General Surgery, OB-Gynecology, Orthopedic, ENT, Urology, and Neurology. Operated cautery machine, suction machine, OR table, OR light, Laparoscopy Tower, Robotic Einstein Tower, Arthroscopy Tower, Harmonic Machine, etc. Worked as a Circulating Nurse in Labor and Delivery and provided Nursing care to patients in Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

Being Job Ready is putting your best foot forward for the next job opportunity in the Gulf Region. As you do your part, OFW Careers does ours by placing your resumes in front of hiring companies looking to fulfill hospital/medical job requirements.

Be Job Ready with OFW Careers!



Lucky Draw Winner for February: Rhomhel Torres

Congratulations Rhomhel for being chosen as our Lucky Draw Winner for February!

Rhomel is an experienced Registered Nurse with more than six (6) years of experience who is currently working and living in Qatar.

He has post-registration experience in the Emergency Room, Male Cardiac Ward and Occupational Health within both Hospital and  Medical Clinic setting.

Rhomel is committed to his profession with his continued Professional Development which supports him in progressing in his career.

Just like Aryan Grace the Lucky Draw winner for January, Rhomel was in disbelief of being randomly selected as the winner for the Lucky Draw prize that it took some positive convincing.

Please support us in congratulating Rhomel in being the winner and for successfully completing his registration with OFWCareers to provide the best chance for the next opportunity.

We are doing another Lucky Draw this March and we invite everyone in the healthcare industry to sign up and complete their profiles to qualify! Click here to join

Last Day to this Month’s Lucky Draw Promo

Filipino Healthcare Professionals – this is the last day to sign up and complete your profile with us for you to qualify for this month’s Lucky Draw promo.

Make sure you have your scanned resume and licenses ready. All you need to do is go to this link and start the process

Continue till the end, it is quite easy and would only take you 10-15 minutes.

Always be Job Ready for the next opportunity.

How to be Job Ready in 5 Easy Steps.

Before you begin we need to know that you are compliant with our services:

Make sure that you read the requirements and tick the checkbox that confirms that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of

The other important thing to remember is that any box with a red star (*) against it means that it is mandatory and that your registration will not be complete if any red star boxes are left empty.

Step 1: Registration and Personal Details

To register you need to use your valid email address, once this is validated you can then complete your personal details and upload your original Resume.

The account details is where you continue with your email and fill in your password. Passwords should have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 characters which should include a Capital letter, a Symbol, and a number. Example would be People@123.

The personal details is your standard form sheet which tells us more about you. Keep in mind that this information will be included when we create your custom resume that we submit to our partner companies for their fulfillment requirements.

The last part would be your immunization records, current employment contract, and your updated resume.

The resume is the one that is really required but having the other 2 do help us understand your situation further and know how we can assist you in your next job opportunity.

Once all is completed, click on Save & Continue.

Remember you can save from this point and return at any time to complete your profile details for steps 2-5. That’s why we send you a login email for future access and management. You can request login details at any time by going to the Forgot Password link when signing in.

Step 2: Career Details

When completing the employment history section, you can add as many employers as required. Also remember to be brief when filling in the experience details, a few lines that outline your experience within the role for example; Leadership/supervisory role, specialised/type equipment used, communication skills, ability to work under pressure etc.

It is important for us to understand your preferences in order to match you more accurately with the opportunities we receive from our partners.

Step 3: Education Details


Step 4: Professional License

The reason for providing your Clinical License evidence is to support the application verification process. It allows potential employers to know your current status and that you have all the administrative requirements for them to consider you. We also provide the service of a reminder on expiry dates to support you to be current with your important documents such as licensing.

The second part of the License details is the Certificate validation. As many of you know in nursing you are not able to have a valid license unless you have a current BLS as a minimum. Other craft groups it is not mandatory so don’t stress. But the more certificates you can identify the better.

Step 5: Other Details

Other Details section includes the all-important Passport and Visa details along with your current language proficiency. Similar to the reason we ask for your Licenses we use the Passport as an ID validation to cross refence your licenses and details on your Resume.

When completing the Language section please remember that you have the option to add other lanaguages to relfect your international expereince and capability.


Once you have reached the screen above, that means that YOU ARE NOW JOB READY! It qualifies you to all the benefits of an applicant member of OFW Careers and all of our promotions for the month.

Godspeed, and Mabuhay Filipino OFWs!