What OFWCareers has to offer the Healthcare Industry and its Employers



OFWCareers is a new employment model that optimizes the advantages of the existing large pool of Filipino Doctors, Nurses and Allied Healthcare professionals working in the Gulf States.  The long timeline in accessing quality healthcare staff is often tied up in the bureaucracy of identifying candidates internationally, meeting complicated visa and licensing requirements and then the costly process of transportation and settling in expenses. Many hospitals are challenged by the dilemma of sourcing, replacing and retaining their medical staff in a timely and efficient manner in order to provide the volume of medical professionals to service patient demand. This is supported by recent research completed by Frost and Sullivan “The GCC Healthcare Outlook”  where they identify that the number one challenge across the GCC is a “Manpower Crisis”.

CEO 360 Perspective Healthcare GCC

OFWCareers was established by Australian Healthcare Management professionals frustrated with these barriers while working in the Gulf States. Their unique affiliation and respect of Filipino Healthcare professionals lead them to investigate how to access the existing large pool of Filipino medical staff while they were still living and employed in the region but nearing the end of their current contract and looking for their next career move. The research lead to the concept that by accessing existing Filipino staff already Visa’d and licensed in the region’s system, helped mitigate much of the bureaucracy that causes delays in the engagement timeline and transit costs are reduced.

OFWCareers is based on an online platform of digitized workflows and registration processes that stores the personal and professional healthcare records of our OFW Medical Community at www.ofwcareers.com. Our member records are stored in an SSL protected data warehouse and password protected for customized access. The OFWCareers system offers a personalized reminder service for important renewal dates of professional and personal records such as licences, PD and visas.

So what does all this smart technology and intellectual healthcare property mean to Gulf employers? The answer is; a pool of Job Ready Healthcare professionals available at a much reduced timeline and expense to meet critical staffing vacancies and future workforce planning.  Essentially employers provide OFWCareers staff through our portal at BusDev@ofwcareers.com or info@ofwcareers.com  their medical vacancy requirements and we match their required skill sets against our existing data base of medical professionals. We provide a minimum of three resumes per position for interview and consideration by the employers HR staff saving them much time and expense that can be better spent managing and retaining their current medical workforce.

OFWCareers is a one stop staffing and manpower solution platform that uses digitized work flows and an SSL protected data warehouse to provide Job Ready candidates to meet the needs of Gulf Employer’s at a much reduced timeline and recruitment cost. These important time and expense saving initiatives free up the HR units of employer’s to perform their core business of the management and retention of the current workforce while OFWCareers provides a customized recruitment and workforce pipeline capability.

Why not engage us at www.ofwcareers.com and realize the operational and financial benefits of our technology based medical staffing solution that helps mitigate the bureaucracy of the recruitment processes by providing Job Ready candidates to meet your recruiting needs.

Digital Duty of Care

As you have a duty of care as a clinician so too does OFW Careers have a duty of care in protecting your professional and personal information that you provide as part of the registration and application process with OFW Careers.

Our OFWCareers core business is to manage your personal and professional information whilst providing our Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health professionals ongoing job opportunities that match their skill sets.  As this information is important to these clinicians, it is therefore critical for OFWCareers management to secure and protect this information and its access.   OFWCareers provides this information security through both our dedicated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and our customized data storage security protocols and access.

What is an SSL you ask? Our SSL Certificate creates a secure connection between our clients and our server through which private information is sent. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on our web server, it activates a padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from our web server to a client browser. OFWCareers has installed the SSL Certificate onto its web server to initiate secure sessions with members browsers.  Once a secure connection is established, all web traffic between the web server and the web browser are secure.  Our members know that our website is SSL secure via several visible trust indicators displayed on their browser.

Our customized OFWCareers data storage facility provides a number of key security protocols to protect the personal and professional information of our Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health professionals.  These security measures include:

  • Passwords are encrypted by industry standard 128Bit data encryption.
  • All the Documents that are uploaded by members are totally encrypted at database storage level, no soft copies are saved on server. Data can only be decrypted by our customised algorithm and only upon request by the member.
  • Basic information is saved as an ID at database level, retrieving this data is at code level via secure web services.
  • The server provider has no access to stored database information.
  • A daily backup of all stored data in case of any compromise to facilitate easy restoration.
  • All data is stored under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) from all third parties.

Securing the personal and professional information of our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals is as important to us as securing their future job opportunities. Register at www.ofwcareers.com and let us secure your important data and next career move.

Filipinos – A Key to the Smart Healthcare Movement

We think you are the key to the Smart Healthcare Movement!

Did you know that you are part of the “Smart Healthcare Movement”? Yes, you as a Filipino Healthcare Professional are part of the solution in providing smarter and better-quality healthcare.

OFW Careers would like to share and discuss the following report with our OFW Careers team, which is you as Filipino Healthcare Professional across Dental, Nursing, Medicine and Allied Health.


The report discusses how we can be smarter in our approach as Healthcare providers globally, which directly impacts you.  As a stakeholder you may not be the direct instigator of the policy or governance but you do implement them and are the ones that drive the blood flow of the Healthcare workforce which is the most important aspect. Without your compassion, drive and capability as a Healthcare Professional the healthcare sector would not survive or even exist. Recognise your talent and artform of being the best Filipino Healthcare Professional there is.



One of the key take away concepts mentioned is that “A successful transition to value-based care requires that market players and consumers move beyond transaction-based treatment to the holistic health of populations; from treatment to prevention/wellness; and from individual to population health. Health care providers can also look at deploying innovative care delivery models based on data and analytics.”

You too can be smarter and recognise your individual potential as a healthcare professional and give yourself the best opportunity. Apply a proactive approach and don’t be reactive; Plan, Prepare and Present with OFW Careers to be a part of this Smart Movement. Using technology as your tool, OFW Careers aims to provide the right service for Dental, Nursing, Medicine and Allied Health Professionals to enable your contribution towards the innovative and smart healthcare movement. As part of our service we provide an automated expiry notification on your uploaded documents; Practicing Licence, PRC, BLS and any other documents. By providing you the service of automated notifications, a space to keep your current documents we enable you to be Job Ready.

As mentioned and indicated in the article above, you as Healthcare Professionals are the drivers of change but not just any change “Smart change”. We want to be able to facilitate your next move in the Healthcare sector so that you can be a part of an organisation that is on board with doing things smarter in the healthcare sector. There is a continuous demand for Doctors, Nurses, Dental and Allied Health Professionals across the GCC Healthcare sectors and it is only growing.

As you are already an experienced GCC Healthcare Professional and have completed your first contract within the GCC Healthcare workforce, you are a valued contribution to meeting the demand. Apply a proactive approach and don’t be reactive; Plan, Prepare and Present with OFW Careers to be a part of this Smart Movement with OFW Careers Management Services.

Anesthesia Department Simulation Courses (ADSC)

Date: October 13, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to welcome you to a prestigious set of simulation courses organized by the Anesthesia, ICU and Perioperative Medicine Department at HMC. These courses are designed to enhance your education and clinical skills by combining education and training to help you adapt to the latest advancements in technology.

The Anesthesia Department Simulation Courses (ADSC) will be held on a regular basis in the world class Qatar Robotic Surgery Center in Doha, Qatar and are primarily aimed at medical students, physicians, technicians, technologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

The objective of ADSC is to create an educational environment promoting basic and advanced science and clinical applications using technical and non-technical skills in training.

These workshops and courses will include a variety of lectures, videos, hands on training and different skill stations in anesthesia and pain management. The program activities will be led by experts and distinguished speakers from different leading institutions worldwide.

By offering these courses, it is our mission and commitment to achieve excellent evidence-based patient care through evaluation and dissemination of knowledge and technology and the introduction of innovative solutions in all the relevant areas of our profession.

We hope you will join us for ADSC and we will look forward to seeing you. For those of you registering from outside of Doha, we hope the course venue will give you an opportunity to develop ideas in enjoyable surroundings and to explore the magnetic nature, old history and rich cultural heritage of Qatar.


Prof. Marco Abraham E Marcus
Chairman of Anesthesiology, ICU and Peri-Operative Medicine, HMC

Reference URL: https://www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/ADSC/Pages/default.aspx

1000 Job Ready Candidates


As of today, OFW Careers has started building up a pool of over 1000 qualified Job Ready Filipino candidates. All of these are currently working as healthcare professionals in the Gulf States, have signed up for the assistance that OFW Careers has to offer, and are raring up for the next steps up in their career. In fact, of this number, over 20% are currently lined up to take on their next jobs. That’s a bonus considering that the hectic nature of their work makes it difficult to do these things themselves.

A Challenge of Time

The biggest challenge in finding the next big step in your career is not that there aren’t any opportunities—rather, there isn’t enough time between your busy work schedule or shift to go through the standard process of updating your resume, finding an opportunity, sending out your resume, and following up. For that reason, many healthcare professionals finishing up their first contract in the Gulf States miss out on opportunities to earn more and advance their careers.

OFW Careers offers comprehensive career management services targeting experienced Filipino Healthcare Professionals and aims to provide essential support in their career path. They do this by leveraging technology to create relevant connections.

A Better Way

Beginning with no fees for applicants, OFW Careers offers a simpler and more intuitive way for Filipino healthcare professionals to connect with jobs that matches their skill sets and professional goals. OFW Careers even offers a convenient means by which applicants can be reminded of when their professional licenses and certificates need renewing. This level of convenience makes them the perfect partners for Filipino healthcare workers in the Gulf States.

Being Job Ready

At the core of OFW Careers is a database wherein applicants can post their updated resumes online—including copies of their relevant certificates and licenses. This data base is secure yet still easily accessible for applicants to update wherever they may be. This resume is then used to match and connect your stored skill sets to relevant job vacancies across the Gulf States. OFW Careers even handles presenting your customized resume to these job opportunities taking into consideration the requirements and criteria of each opportunity.

Managing Connections 

On top of all of that, OFW Careers facilitates the screening as well as the interview that is essential to your next career move. We connect to potential employers by providing them your profiles for easy review. The convenience and comprehensiveness of your Job Ready profiles means that your application isn’t mired and drowned out by many other candidates. This ease of connectivity is what allows the process to be smoother.

Why wait for opportunities when you can proactively reach out to them as you work? Join the growing number of your fellow Filipino Healthcare Professionals who are on the way to advancing their careers through our services. With OFW Careers, your next great opportunity is just around the corner. Contact us via email at info@ofwcareers.com and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about how we can help you today.

Better Opportunities: Healthcare Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is one of the best nations in the Gulf States to get a high paying job in a range of fields. Filipinos have somewhat of an advantage here as there is a preference for Filipinos given the quality of care and warmth of compassion that they give. Of course, experience is still at a premium and these opportunities apply to those who already have much experience working in healthcare fields in Qatar.

  1. Nurses

Nurses remain the most popular hires in the top hospitals in Qatar. All the top hospitals in Qatar—like the Al Ahli, American Hospital, El Emadi and others—are constantly on the look out for experienced nurses and pay top dollar for them. This is especially true for allied healthcare specialists in the field of radiology and pharmacy as there are some hospitals whose expansions include advanced radiologic equipment and those who specialize in obstetrics and women’s health. These specialists can expect an uptick in their pay of up to 10% their base pay if they did not specialize. Again, the key here is experience so make sure you’ve got it.

  1. Dental Assistants

One specific specialization in demand in Qatar are dental assistants—which includes hygienists. There are several hospitals that have highlighted dental sections and there are several hospitals and clinics that provide dental specialization—like Family Dental Clinic, French Dental Center, Future Dental Centre, Alraed Dental Center among many others. Dental assistance do many things in a clinic. For one thing, they provide patient care and take x-rays. They also manage records and appointments and assist their dentists in every way that they are needed. It’s a very stable job option for the experienced with pay goind as high as USD 37,600 annually.

  1. Home Nurses

Increasingly popular are home care nurses. A home care nurse works both as an intermediary between a patient and their doctor as well as a primary care giver within the patient’s home. They are commonly paid a lot more than a hospital-based registered nurse but this depends wholly on arrangements with the client of any agency that manages them. With pay running to around USD 40,000 annually at the median, it’s fairly more stable. You need to take into consideration, however whether or not you opt to stay in or come in at a schedule. Either way, it pays to be experienced as a lot of the family’s questions are likely going to be directed to you.

One of the biggest challenges for allied healthcare professionals looking for better opportunities is the general weight of the workload that they have to manage. This makes it difficult to go the standard route of applying personally for new work.

With OFW Careers, you have a chance to reach for better opportunities commensurate to your level of experience. If you’re about to end your first contract, OFW Careers can help you aggregate your resume and work experience in an online resume as well as help you find job opportunities that match your skills, experience, and personal work goals.

Healthcare Events and Conferences in Dubai

For many employers, it can be very difficult to sort through many different resumes to find something that stands out. Apart from a richness and depth of your work experiences, it helps to have a range of events and conferences related to your allied healthcare field. These show an expansive knowledgebase that takes in current trends as well as interest in growth—both appealing to potential employers. Here are several prominent events and conferences in Dubai focused on healthcare.

International Conference on Medical, Medicine, and Health Sciences

Held monthly in many other countries, this conference covers issues concerning medicine as well as medical and health sciences. There are always specially selected sub themes. While primarily scholastic in bent—with support ostensibly provided for students of specialization across a wider range—workers in the field will benefit from the discussions and seminars on offer within the conference. There are usually around 5000 delegates to this conference which runs the course of an entire day and is one of the best ways that you can also network with professionals in your field.

International Conference on Recent Challenges in Cardiology

One of the newer conferences to hit the circuit in Dubai, it’s actually rather small in terms of attendees with over 500 expected to attend. It covers everything to do with Cardiology. Rather than what the name implies, however, it focuses on cutting edge developments within the specialization. It’s the perfect option for those who specialize or assist within this field. Many of the participant come form manufacturing firms who research and produce the devices used by cardiologists to improve the care that they provide their patients. What they talk about makes this a worthwhile addition to anyone’s resume.

World Congress on Microbial Infectious Diseases

Another smaller conference, this one is organized by Aquilus International—a world leader in scientific research on infectious diseases—and is one of the most critical conferences in this field. The theme for this year is “An Insight on Advances in Microbial Diseases, Eradication of Important Pathogens and Prevention of Human Diseases by Developing New Strategies towards Personalized Medicine” It’s a great venue for any physician, practitioner, or even nurses invested in microbiology—which is nearly everyone.

World Nurse Practitioner Conference (World Nurse Practitioners & Healthcare Congress)

For those who are nurses, this is one of few conferences specific to the field. The current theme revolves around the current trends as well as innovations in nursing. It’s a larger gathering that features practitioners globally to share their insights and developments in the field. Attendees can expect talks and seminars to cover topics highly relevant to nurses. This will allow you to advance your knowledge and capabilities in your field—enhancing your own experiences. Attendance in this conference is a must for nurses looking to advance in their careers.

If you’re looking to expand on your career, you should consider attending a range of conferences and events to expand your experience. This will help your resume. With OFW Careers, that resume can be online and matched to potentially relevant employers. We offer assistance to find a step up in your career by finding employers who meet your personal career goals and who would want your specific experience.

3 Ways OFW Careers Helps you get the Job in the GCC

You know the drill when it comes to applying for a job. You carefully research the job posting and figure out if you have enough experience or are a great fit. You find out where they are located and plan your route. You then build up your resume and update it with all the relevant experience. Once all of that is done, you’re off. The truth is that the process and procedure is more or less the same when you’re applying for a job in any of the GCC nations.

The Challenge

The difficulty lies in the nature of work for an allied healthcare professional. Primarily, the biggest specific challenge lies in the long hours required of you in your work. These long work hour makes all those steps listed above extra difficult and challenging. You simply have no time to reach for better opportunities. This can be frustrating to many degrees. Fortunately, you have OFW Careers which offers career services for experienced Filipino Healthcare Professionals who have completed or about to complete their first contracts. Here are four specific ways they can help you.

Career Matching

It all begins with identifying your core skill sets and relevant experience. These are aggregated in a database that is then matched to employers who are looking for those precise skills and experience. This kind of matching allows you to be connected to a job that advances your career goals and preferences. Best of all, this matching is refined to within easiest access of your geographical location as much as possible. Naturally, there will also be options available to any of the other countries within the GCC should you want to explore newer environments. So, make sure when completing your profile you have the following: in the function tab select Allied Health then in the Specialty tab select your specific specialty for example – Pharmacist/Radiographer – CT Scan or Medical Technologist.

Career Profiling

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of OFW Careers is that a free customized career management profile will be created for you. It doesn’t just collect your work experience for reference by your potential employers, it also collates your key personal and professional information like your relevant licenses and certificates. Because everything is online, you can readily access this information and updated no matter where you are. This convenience allows you stay constantly up to date and job ready even when you are busy focused on your current job.

Career Management

Finally, OFW Careers addresses one of the biggest challenges mentioned earlier on: time. We take to the task of presenting your customized professional resume to those opportunities that you might want to grab. You can be as busy as you are with work and the processes of application and presentation are done on your behalf. OFW Careers even facilitates the screening and interview to make sure that your next career move is within reach. All of this puts you in a competitive position to achieve the success that you want in your healthcare career.

All you need is an existing healthcare employment contract for a GCC affliated country, an updated work visa, and—of course—a current license outside of the Philippines. You also might be in the position where you have finished your contract and are transferring, in this case you are still relevant to apply if you remain in the GCC country of your choice. There are no fees for applicants and we even provide automated notifications that help you manage your renewals of your licenses and certificates. If you want to get ahead in your career, OFW Careers is the best help that you can get.

3 Biggest Benefits of Being an Allied Health Professional in the Middle East


Being a professional means that you are indispensable in the world. Unfortunately, being a professional isn’t a guarantee that you have a stable financial future. For Allied Health professionals, however, there’s a future to be had overseas—especially in the Middle East—where the demand for the specific services offered by Allied Health professionals are in high demand.

While many are hesitant to pack up and head overseas and fears of working in a foreign country are understandable, there are many benefits to banking on an international job. Here are three of the biggest benefits that you can get when you apply for an Allied Health job in the Middle East—especially with quality professional assistance.

  1. Higher Base Pay

One of the challenges of being a health care professional here in the Philippines is that it can be quite a struggle to get a leg up in your field. Regardless of field, many such professionals need to suffer through low wages, unnaturally long times, and—in some cases—pay for the shot to advance their careers.

It’s a wholly different case in the Middle East, where many of these professional specializations are in high demand. Sure, the hours remain as tough but at least you can expect proper remuneration for the work you put out. This can be as high as a factor of 50-70% of the base pay that you can expect if you stay here in the Philippines—and it’s also tax-free.

  1. Low cost of living

In many overseas gigs, there’s the problem of high pay offset by a very high cost of living. This not only makes it very difficult to save anything up, but you end up living at the skin of your teeth—and far away from home to boot. This effectively negates the whole point of going overseas to begin with.

While many parts of the Middle East—specifically Dubai—are touted as being laps of luxury, the general cost of living for most people is actually far lower than people imagine. Provided you have a key savings plan in the form of remittances or bank transfers and have a solid budgeting plan in place, you can save up all your hard-earned money.

  1. Trusted assistance

Perhaps one of the biggest fears of anyone working abroad is the sense of sheer distance. This isn’t just from your family and friends. For OFWs—specifically those who are Allied Health professionals—this can also mean distance from renewing bodies for licenses to practice.

For the sense of distance from loved ones, you can fortunately leverage many online mediums of communication that are popular today. For the latter, it’s best to be prepared from the get-go. With a reliable agency handling you, not only can you be assured of the best jobs, but you’re also guaranteed assistance in terms of license renewals for the duration of your stay.

If you’re an Allied Health Professional looking to make his or her mark in your respective field, the Middle East might just be the opportunity that you are looking for. Start smart, and set your dreams in motion today.

Being a Nurse in Qatar can be Worthwhile


It’s tough being a nurse in the Philippines. Several surveys conducted between 2016 and 2018 have shown that many graduated nurses opt to find work in the BPO industry in the months prior to taking their board exams and even immediately after due to the need for self sustainability. This is brought on commonly by frustrations in finding a hospital to work in—necessary for the experience that backs their profession of choice.

While it’s certainly a lucrative choice, it is also far from what many nurses envision when they decided to take on one of the most grueling courses in the academia today. Another avenue that isn’t too well explored by local nurses is the opportunity to work in Qatar. That Middle Eastern nation has seen a growing need for nurses to work in their system.

The emphasis on need

Qataris see nurses as critical in primary health care in what is a pretty well developed system. One of their operations managers and nurses has been quoted as saying that: “Nursing has a unique role in the health system as we make direct contact with patients, ensuring that we deliver a holistic service that not only improves patients’ health but also support them.”

This sense of need and importance is brought about by a shortage of physicians—prompting nurses to take center stage when caring for patients. It’s is for these reasons that they are welcoming of nurses from different parts of the world—the Philippines being one such country. The opportunity is certainly there, as is the potential for security of tenure and, most important, a high paying job in the right field.

The benefits of nurses in Qatar

There are several advantages of trying one’s luck as a nurse in Qatar. First among these is the fact that the high salaries paid out are wholly tax free—meaning a higher take home amount. There are also several benefits on offer with most health care employers that can cover accommodation and transportation. All of this is tempered by a relatively affordable cost of living that grants higher savings potential.

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of Qatar specifically is the robust support system one can expect while working there. The Philippine Nurses’ Association in Qatar has been one such group since 2008. They provide protection and support for the many nurses already working in Qatar and even conduct medical missions as a means to enhance the image of Filipinos in the gulf country.

Finally, it helps to engage a reliable agency from the beginning as there are many concerns specific to nurses that you need to address. Primarily, this has to do with licensing as you are far away from your governing body in the Philippines. Not only that, but you can rest easy that any opportunities worth grabbing are readily recommended for your benefit. It’s all about planning ahead.

With that in mind, it’s certainly a great opportunity to work in Qatar. If you’re one who doesn’t want to idle away time in a call center but instead grow in your field and passion, it certainly is an option to consider.