Better Opportunities: Healthcare Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is one of the best nations in the Gulf States to get a high paying job in a range of fields. Filipinos have somewhat of an advantage here as there is a preference for Filipinos given the quality of care and warmth of compassion that they give. Of course, experience is still at a premium and these opportunities apply to those who already have much experience working in healthcare fields in Qatar.

  1. Nurses

Nurses remain the most popular hires in the top hospitals in Qatar. All the top hospitals in Qatar—like the Al Ahli, American Hospital, El Emadi and others—are constantly on the look out for experienced nurses and pay top dollar for them. This is especially true for allied healthcare specialists in the field of radiology and pharmacy as there are some hospitals whose expansions include advanced radiologic equipment and those who specialize in obstetrics and women’s health. These specialists can expect an uptick in their pay of up to 10% their base pay if they did not specialize. Again, the key here is experience so make sure you’ve got it.

  1. Dental Assistants

One specific specialization in demand in Qatar are dental assistants—which includes hygienists. There are several hospitals that have highlighted dental sections and there are several hospitals and clinics that provide dental specialization—like Family Dental Clinic, French Dental Center, Future Dental Centre, Alraed Dental Center among many others. Dental assistance do many things in a clinic. For one thing, they provide patient care and take x-rays. They also manage records and appointments and assist their dentists in every way that they are needed. It’s a very stable job option for the experienced with pay goind as high as USD 37,600 annually.

  1. Home Nurses

Increasingly popular are home care nurses. A home care nurse works both as an intermediary between a patient and their doctor as well as a primary care giver within the patient’s home. They are commonly paid a lot more than a hospital-based registered nurse but this depends wholly on arrangements with the client of any agency that manages them. With pay running to around USD 40,000 annually at the median, it’s fairly more stable. You need to take into consideration, however whether or not you opt to stay in or come in at a schedule. Either way, it pays to be experienced as a lot of the family’s questions are likely going to be directed to you.

One of the biggest challenges for allied healthcare professionals looking for better opportunities is the general weight of the workload that they have to manage. This makes it difficult to go the standard route of applying personally for new work.

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