Being a Nurse in Qatar can be Worthwhile


It’s tough being a nurse in the Philippines. Several surveys conducted between 2016 and 2018 have shown that many graduated nurses opt to find work in the BPO industry in the months prior to taking their board exams and even immediately after due to the need for self sustainability. This is brought on commonly by frustrations in finding a hospital to work in—necessary for the experience that backs their profession of choice.

While it’s certainly a lucrative choice, it is also far from what many nurses envision when they decided to take on one of the most grueling courses in the academia today. Another avenue that isn’t too well explored by local nurses is the opportunity to work in Qatar. That Middle Eastern nation has seen a growing need for nurses to work in their system.

The emphasis on need

Qataris see nurses as critical in primary health care in what is a pretty well developed system. One of their operations managers and nurses has been quoted as saying that: “Nursing has a unique role in the health system as we make direct contact with patients, ensuring that we deliver a holistic service that not only improves patients’ health but also support them.”

This sense of need and importance is brought about by a shortage of physicians—prompting nurses to take center stage when caring for patients. It’s is for these reasons that they are welcoming of nurses from different parts of the world—the Philippines being one such country. The opportunity is certainly there, as is the potential for security of tenure and, most important, a high paying job in the right field.

The benefits of nurses in Qatar

There are several advantages of trying one’s luck as a nurse in Qatar. First among these is the fact that the high salaries paid out are wholly tax free—meaning a higher take home amount. There are also several benefits on offer with most health care employers that can cover accommodation and transportation. All of this is tempered by a relatively affordable cost of living that grants higher savings potential.

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of Qatar specifically is the robust support system one can expect while working there. The Philippine Nurses’ Association in Qatar has been one such group since 2008. They provide protection and support for the many nurses already working in Qatar and even conduct medical missions as a means to enhance the image of Filipinos in the gulf country.

Finally, it helps to engage a reliable agency from the beginning as there are many concerns specific to nurses that you need to address. Primarily, this has to do with licensing as you are far away from your governing body in the Philippines. Not only that, but you can rest easy that any opportunities worth grabbing are readily recommended for your benefit. It’s all about planning ahead.

With that in mind, it’s certainly a great opportunity to work in Qatar. If you’re one who doesn’t want to idle away time in a call center but instead grow in your field and passion, it certainly is an option to consider.