Be Job Ready

When asked what “Be Job Ready” is, many understand it to be mainly about interview preparation, personal presentation, a comprehensive resume, good communication skills to demonstrate they are qualified for the job and an impressive employment history and the list goes on. Being “job ready” can be a manual and time-consuming process and requires a significant amount of preparation.

OFW Careers takes being Job Ready to the next dimension by redefining what it means by simplifying the process. With OFW Careers the meaning of Job Ready is being current and being competitive for your next career move. We ask for an original updated Resume, with specific supporting documents upfront so that we do not waste your time or your future potential employers time by chasing documents. We already know that you have the right tools to prepare, present and communicate to reach your next career goal. So, keep Job Readiness simple by being current and competitive with OFW Careers.

We have accepted the challenge of automating the manual process to a more intuitive experience to minimise the time and effort it takes to become Job Ready. No longer is it a daunting task to be prepared, when you register and complete your profile with OFW Careers you are taking control to become Job Ready.

OFW Careers recognizes that for many of you working overseas as healthcare professionals that managing your careers can be overwhelming. Career planning that leads to career growth that leads to better opportunities takes a back seat. We want to take this perceived negative perception and turn it into a positive by identifying and using your current Middle East experience as an advantage against newly deployed Healthcare Professionals.

Our Job Ready Ambassadors

We understand that when faced with the end of contract scenarios or terminations things get serious about the next career move and it is too late for a smooth transition. The realization that you are not “job ready” is apparent and places you a step behind in applying for the next opportunity. If this is you, the stress of updating resumes and certificates, job searching with the concerns of dwindling savings during the in-between jobs phase can be avoided.

What if without the usual tedious effort, someone will help and support you the healthcare professional?

What if someone clearly understands what “job readiness” means and will help ease you through the process?

Why do we request you to upload supporting documents and complete the profile fields when registering?

Enter OFW Careers with the answers:

We can support you by reminding you when your professional licenses are due for renewal, search healthcare job opportunities for you, position you as a competitive candidate and pave the way towards your next job in the Gulf Region.

Simply because this is how we ensure that you are Job Ready. With providing us the specified documents and data we use this information efficiently to verify your credentials and identify the next opportunity without having to spend the time for requesting further information or documentation. All we want and need to do is engage with you and get to know you.

OFW Careers will assist you in managing your professional portfolio and provide you with free and secure online storage where you can store soft copies of all your professional documents. This can be accessed at any time from anywhere with your secure login details.

With our clients in the Middle East, we can connect you with the right job that will help you achieve your career goals. Through our understanding of the labor market, we understand how to match your skill and development potential with the right role. With our experience in working with healthcare professionals in the Middle East, we understand what clients expect and need which supports our goal of connecting you to your future employer sooner rather than later.

OFW Careers is your “go to” page. You can link in with and liaise with us, on a one to one basis, during the process. For us at OFW Careers, how you achieve your career goals is our priority.

In today’s competitive job market, OFW Careers will assist you to demonstrate that you are a candidate who can offer more. We will help you show potential employers that you are a superior and competitive candidate through a professional resume with supporting credentialed documents.

OFW Careers understands the labor market and possess industry insight. We understand the skills needed to fill the staffing needs of our clients which altogether will help ease you through your next job opportunity.

This is everything you deserve in being Job Ready.