How to be Job Ready in 5 Easy Steps.

Before you begin we need to know that you are compliant with our services:

Make sure that you read the requirements and tick the checkbox that confirms that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of

The other important thing to remember is that any box with a red star (*) against it means that it is mandatory and that your registration will not be complete if any red star boxes are left empty.

Step 1: Registration and Personal Details

To register you need to use your valid email address, once this is validated you can then complete your personal details and upload your original Resume.

The account details is where you continue with your email and fill in your password. Passwords should have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 characters which should include a Capital letter, a Symbol, and a number. Example would be People@123.

The personal details is your standard form sheet which tells us more about you. Keep in mind that this information will be included when we create your custom resume that we submit to our partner companies for their fulfillment requirements.

The last part would be your immunization records, current employment contract, and your updated resume.

The resume is the one that is really required but having the other 2 do help us understand your situation further and know how we can assist you in your next job opportunity.

Once all is completed, click on Save & Continue.

Remember you can save from this point and return at any time to complete your profile details for steps 2-5. That’s why we send you a login email for future access and management. You can request login details at any time by going to the Forgot Password link when signing in.

Step 2: Career Details

When completing the employment history section, you can add as many employers as required. Also remember to be brief when filling in the experience details, a few lines that outline your experience within the role for example; Leadership/supervisory role, specialised/type equipment used, communication skills, ability to work under pressure etc.

It is important for us to understand your preferences in order to match you more accurately with the opportunities we receive from our partners.

Step 3: Education Details


Step 4: Professional License

The reason for providing your Clinical License evidence is to support the application verification process. It allows potential employers to know your current status and that you have all the administrative requirements for them to consider you. We also provide the service of a reminder on expiry dates to support you to be current with your important documents such as licensing.

The second part of the License details is the Certificate validation. As many of you know in nursing you are not able to have a valid license unless you have a current BLS as a minimum. Other craft groups it is not mandatory so don’t stress. But the more certificates you can identify the better.

Step 5: Other Details

Other Details section includes the all-important Passport and Visa details along with your current language proficiency. Similar to the reason we ask for your Licenses we use the Passport as an ID validation to cross refence your licenses and details on your Resume.

When completing the Language section please remember that you have the option to add other lanaguages to relfect your international expereince and capability.


Once you have reached the screen above, that means that YOU ARE NOW JOB READY! It qualifies you to all the benefits of an applicant member of OFW Careers and all of our promotions for the month.

Godspeed, and Mabuhay Filipino OFWs!