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What OFWCareers has to offer the Healthcare Industry and its Employers

    OFWCareers is a new employment model that optimizes the advantages of the existing large pool of Filipino Doctors, Nurses and Allied Healthcare professionals working in the Gulf States.  The long timeline in accessing quality healthcare staff is often tied up in the bureaucracy of identifying candidates internationally, meeting complicated visa and licensing requirements […]

Digital Duty of Care

As you have a duty of care as a clinician so too does OFW Careers have a duty of care in protecting your professional and personal information that you provide as part of the registration and application process with OFW Careers. Our OFWCareers core business is to manage your personal and professional information whilst providing […]

Filipinos – A Key to the Smart Healthcare Movement

We think you are the key to the Smart Healthcare Movement! Did you know that you are part of the “Smart Healthcare Movement”? Yes, you as a Filipino Healthcare Professional are part of the solution in providing smarter and better-quality healthcare. OFW Careers would like to share and discuss the following report with our OFW […]

Anesthesia Department Simulation Courses (ADSC)

Date: October 13, 2018 Dear Colleagues, We would like to welcome you to a prestigious set of simulation courses organized by the Anesthesia, ICU and Perioperative Medicine Department at HMC. These courses are designed to enhance your education and clinical skills by combining education and training to help you adapt to the latest advancements in […]

3 Ways OFW Careers Helps you get the Job in the GCC

You know the drill when it comes to applying for a job. You carefully research the job posting and figure out if you have enough experience or are a great fit. You find out where they are located and plan your route. You then build up your resume and update it with all the relevant […]

3 Biggest Benefits of Being an Allied Health Professional in the Middle East

  Being a professional means that you are indispensable in the world. Unfortunately, being a professional isn’t a guarantee that you have a stable financial future. For Allied Health professionals, however, there’s a future to be had overseas—especially in the Middle East—where the demand for the specific services offered by Allied Health professionals are in […]

Being a Nurse in Qatar can be Worthwhile

  It’s tough being a nurse in the Philippines. Several surveys conducted between 2016 and 2018 have shown that many graduated nurses opt to find work in the BPO industry in the months prior to taking their board exams and even immediately after due to the need for self sustainability. This is brought on commonly […]