Meet Analiza, a Radiologic Technologist and she is Job Ready

Ms. Analiza Virtudazo represents OFW Careers and understands the different challenges a Filipino Healthcare Professional faces working in the Middle East.

Read through as she answers some basic questions about her career and how she ended up with OFW Careers on supporting her with an opportunity for her next job.

What is your current profession and what do you enjoy most about it?

I’m a Radiologic Technologist and what I love and enjoy the most about this profession is the opportunity to help and serve other people w/out any hesitations.

What influenced you to Join and register with OFW Careers?

Joining “OFW Careers” will help me expand my network as a professional.  By the name itself, it attracted me to join the group and I believe it will help me find new career opportunities.

What are your concerns when looking for the next job opportunity?

A new job comes with more challenges than simply learning everybody’s names.  My concern will always be the same as other people’s concern when searching for new job opportunities.

My main concern is finding a job that is suitable for me and my skill sets.

What is the best advice you would give someone wanting to enhance their career and opportunities as an OFW Healthcare Professional?

Plan the work before you work the plan. Having no plan gets you nowhere. Plans will change either by force or circumstance.

Be flexible and always think ahead of time.

I am looking forward to career with a competitive salary package that is within my industry range. Again, thank you very much.