Allied Health Opportunities in the Gulf Region

The view of the job market in the Gulf Region predominantly always been based on nurses and doctors and the rush was to find positions in that field. Allied health professionals, which comprise nearly 60% of the healthcare workforce, are often overlooked as career launching pads.

With its ambitious plan to bring its healthcare services to world class standards, over the coming years, the Gulf Region will need an influx of clinical personnel to meet its growing demand for high-quality medical services. Across the Gulf region, there are staffing shortages in the healthcare sector, including allied health professionals.

According to the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, Allied Health may be defined as those healthcare professions that are different from the medicine and nursing disciplines. Allied health professionals are the segment of the workforce that delivers services involving the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders; dietary and nutrition services; and rehabilitation and health systems management.

Professions that are often listed as “allied health” include many non-nurse, non-physician healthcare providers including:

– audiologists and speech language pathologists;
– physical therapists,
– occupational therapists and respiratory therapists;
– diagnostic medical personnel (medical laboratory scientists, cytogenetic technologists, diagnostic molecular scientists, histotechnologists, and pathologists’ assistants);
– imaging specialists (radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, and sonographers); nutritionists and dietitians;
– and physician assistants.
– dental personnel (dental hygienists and dental assistants);
– exercise science professionals (athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, kinesiotherapists );
– health information technologists;
– specialists in cancer diagnosis and treatment (medical physicists, medical dosimetrists, and radiation therapists);
– pharmacy personnel (pharmacy technicians and assistants)
– medical assistants

A high quality service is a result of a collaborative effort that begins with physicians and nurses to the allied health professional. Effective treatment, however, can only come after proper interpretation of results that lead to accurate identification of the disease and disorders, one of the many important roles of the allied health professional.

OFW Careers, together with its partnering medical facilities in the Gulf Region recognises the importance of this sector and continues to assist placing qualified personnel in the field of allied healthcare. Additionally it continues to actively search for qualified candidates to meet the growing need for these specialist expertises in the region.

With its years of experience in positioning staff in the healthcare sector, OFW Careers recognizes the potential of our overseas workers, from physicians and nurses to allied health professionals and the assistance that will make them continuously job ready for the next bright opportunity.