5 Things you need to know about Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia

With its world class hospitals and health care facilities, Saudi Arabia is one of the top destination for experienced Allied health care professionals from the Philippines looking for a step forward in their careers. As with any major career move, however, there can be some nervousness and anxiety involved. That’s made worse by the realization that you’re rooting yourself up from what’s familiar and planting yourself in a land far away.

One of the biggest challenges posed is the fear that all people have of the unknown. That’s why it’s critical to better understand all that you can about your possible destination—in this case, Saudi Arabia. Here are five of the interesting things you should know to better understand what Saudi Arabia has to offer in terms of climate, culture, and other quirky facts that will make you feel more comfortable.

  1. Saudi Arabia is hot yet cool.


As a desert country, temperatures in Saudi Arabia can run really high. It’s a dry kind of heat. Fortunately, while Saudi Arabia can get hot, it sits next to wide bodies of water. The Arabian Peninsula—which it is nearest—is one of the largest in the world. This means that you can expect cool breezes to push in through Saudi Arabian cities—providing a counterpoint to the heat.

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  1. Saudi Arabia loves coffee!

The coffee blend ‘Arabica’ derives its name from this country where coffee shops were rife in and around Mecca since the mid 15th century. What’s funny is that in the strictest form of Islam, coffee is prohibited because it is considered a stimulant—many orthodox Saudis avoid coffee. Many others, however, love the stuff so your late night shifts at the hospital won’t be as exhausting because you can get coffee almost anywhere.


  1. Saudi Arabia has a lot of foreigners.


A recent study conducted by the United Nations has found that over 30% of the population of Saudi Arabia is comprised of immigrants and overseas workers—and a great many of that are Filipino! Simply put, it’s hard to feel too lonely and distant from the Philippines with many kababayans within reach. There are even many associations that help newcomers from every field to feel welcome in a sense of community.


  1. Saudi Arabia employs a lot of non-nationals.


What’s even more staggering is that over 80% of the work force in Saudi Arabia are non-nationals. Many of these are Filipino but other countries are also represented. This means that in certain areas and even hospitals, the Islamic laws in place are somewhat more relaxed—allowing you to feel more comfortable when you go over.


  1. Saudi Arabia pays its Allied healthcare professionals really well.


The Gulf States feature excellent health care and the best and most well-equipped hospitals in the world. What they often need are skilled and highly trained professionals. If you’re looking to explore this possible career step in your life, it will definitely help to go for career management services—they’ll help you connect with potential employers in the Gulf States.


With many opportunities available, you should not pass on the chance to more forward. Not only will you be able to earn more but you will find many opportunities to grow in your chosen profession.