3 Ways OFW Careers Helps you get the Job in the GCC

You know the drill when it comes to applying for a job. You carefully research the job posting and figure out if you have enough experience or are a great fit. You find out where they are located and plan your route. You then build up your resume and update it with all the relevant experience. Once all of that is done, you’re off. The truth is that the process and procedure is more or less the same when you’re applying for a job in any of the GCC nations.

The Challenge

The difficulty lies in the nature of work for an allied healthcare professional. Primarily, the biggest specific challenge lies in the long hours required of you in your work. These long work hour makes all those steps listed above extra difficult and challenging. You simply have no time to reach for better opportunities. This can be frustrating to many degrees. Fortunately, you have OFW Careers which offers career services for experienced Filipino Healthcare Professionals who have completed or about to complete their first contracts. Here are four specific ways they can help you.

Career Matching

It all begins with identifying your core skill sets and relevant experience. These are aggregated in a database that is then matched to employers who are looking for those precise skills and experience. This kind of matching allows you to be connected to a job that advances your career goals and preferences. Best of all, this matching is refined to within easiest access of your geographical location as much as possible. Naturally, there will also be options available to any of the other countries within the GCC should you want to explore newer environments. So, make sure when completing your profile you have the following: in the function tab select Allied Health then in the Specialty tab select your specific specialty for example – Pharmacist/Radiographer – CT Scan or Medical Technologist.

Career Profiling

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of OFW Careers is that a free customized career management profile will be created for you. It doesn’t just collect your work experience for reference by your potential employers, it also collates your key personal and professional information like your relevant licenses and certificates. Because everything is online, you can readily access this information and updated no matter where you are. This convenience allows you stay constantly up to date and job ready even when you are busy focused on your current job.

Career Management

Finally, OFW Careers addresses one of the biggest challenges mentioned earlier on: time. We take to the task of presenting your customized professional resume to those opportunities that you might want to grab. You can be as busy as you are with work and the processes of application and presentation are done on your behalf. OFW Careers even facilitates the screening and interview to make sure that your next career move is within reach. All of this puts you in a competitive position to achieve the success that you want in your healthcare career.

All you need is an existing healthcare employment contract for a GCC affliated country, an updated work visa, and—of course—a current license outside of the Philippines. You also might be in the position where you have finished your contract and are transferring, in this case you are still relevant to apply if you remain in the GCC country of your choice. There are no fees for applicants and we even provide automated notifications that help you manage your renewals of your licenses and certificates. If you want to get ahead in your career, OFW Careers is the best help that you can get.