3 Biggest Benefits of Being an Allied Health Professional in the Middle East


Being a professional means that you are indispensable in the world. Unfortunately, being a professional isn’t a guarantee that you have a stable financial future. For Allied Health professionals, however, there’s a future to be had overseas—especially in the Middle East—where the demand for the specific services offered by Allied Health professionals are in high demand.

While many are hesitant to pack up and head overseas and fears of working in a foreign country are understandable, there are many benefits to banking on an international job. Here are three of the biggest benefits that you can get when you apply for an Allied Health job in the Middle East—especially with quality professional assistance.

  1. Higher Base Pay

One of the challenges of being a health care professional here in the Philippines is that it can be quite a struggle to get a leg up in your field. Regardless of field, many such professionals need to suffer through low wages, unnaturally long times, and—in some cases—pay for the shot to advance their careers.

It’s a wholly different case in the Middle East, where many of these professional specializations are in high demand. Sure, the hours remain as tough but at least you can expect proper remuneration for the work you put out. This can be as high as a factor of 50-70% of the base pay that you can expect if you stay here in the Philippines—and it’s also tax-free.

  1. Low cost of living

In many overseas gigs, there’s the problem of high pay offset by a very high cost of living. This not only makes it very difficult to save anything up, but you end up living at the skin of your teeth—and far away from home to boot. This effectively negates the whole point of going overseas to begin with.

While many parts of the Middle East—specifically Dubai—are touted as being laps of luxury, the general cost of living for most people is actually far lower than people imagine. Provided you have a key savings plan in the form of remittances or bank transfers and have a solid budgeting plan in place, you can save up all your hard-earned money.

  1. Trusted assistance

Perhaps one of the biggest fears of anyone working abroad is the sense of sheer distance. This isn’t just from your family and friends. For OFWs—specifically those who are Allied Health professionals—this can also mean distance from renewing bodies for licenses to practice.

For the sense of distance from loved ones, you can fortunately leverage many online mediums of communication that are popular today. For the latter, it’s best to be prepared from the get-go. With a reliable agency handling you, not only can you be assured of the best jobs, but you’re also guaranteed assistance in terms of license renewals for the duration of your stay.

If you’re an Allied Health Professional looking to make his or her mark in your respective field, the Middle East might just be the opportunity that you are looking for. Start smart, and set your dreams in motion today.