3 Best Places to Meet Fellow Filipinos in Qatar

One of the biggest challenges for any doctor or health care worker in Qatar is the distance from family, loved ones, and all that’s familiar. Perhaps this condition is exacerbated by the fact that those who work this noble field often do so for long hours—furthering the feeling of being so distant and isolated. This is a difficult condition to be in especially for Filipinos who are, by nature, very social and used to constant interaction. While Qatar has proven to be more progressive when it comes to other cultures, it’s still easy to miss what’s innately Filipino.

A Big Part of the Population

Fortunately, Filipinos are actually very well embedded in Qatari societies these days. In fact, recent studies have shown that they already make up 10 percent of the country’s entire population. This is most likely due again to the aforementioned relative openness of Qatar. This richness of our culture combined with that of Qatar has meant that any Filipino working there can easily find remembrances of home. If you’re thinking of staking your career in the lucrative medical field in Qatar, here are three great places to get a touch of home when you need it.

  1. Restaurants

To say that Filipinos love food is an understatement—cooking and eating are a very big part of our culture. That’s why food is one of the first things that Allied health care professionals miss when they start working in Qatar. Fortunately, there’s little room to miss Filipino food. In many of the markets—particularly in Doha—you will find Filipino vendors selling staples of the Filipino diet like adobo, sinigang, and others. The best part is that these are all home cooked.

If you prefer a dine in experience, there are branches of very popular Filipino franchises all over the Gulf State. Hankering for some Chicken Joy? There’s a Jollibee branch staffed by truly friendly Filipinos. You can also enjoy a fully-fledged meal at Barrio Fiesta or even Max’s Fried Chicken. These are often places where local Filipino associations also meet up so you can definitely hook up with the local community there.

  1. Malls

Malls in the Philippines are often places where families and friends gather—and often pack up the place for shopping and even movies. Naturally, that’s not as common a sight in Qatar where the cultural preferences are somewhat different. In spite of that, malls in Qatar are still great places to bump into and hang out with fellow Filipinos on off days—where they take advantage of the nation’s propensity for luxury products.

One of the most popular places to go for is the Villagio Mall in Doha. Apart from the shopping opportunities, there are also cafes and restaurants where Filipinos do gather. You can even check out a movie—featuring the most popular ones currently across the world. One defining feature of this mall is the gondola rides on offer through the artificial river running through the mall.

  1. Online

Finally, many Filipino communities stick to that most ubiquitous of connectors: social media. There are many groups and chat communities online for Healthcare Professionals in Qatar, and far more for Filipinos working there in general. These methods allow for easier an easier way to connect. With many areas in the country WiFi equipped, this is the far more affordable means to stay connected with Filipinos.

You can also depend on the Embassy accredited United Filipino Organizations in Qatar. These bring together many different professions and groups in one area. It’s extremely well organized and even provides an extension of consular support from the Embassy itself via their website. There are groups especially for Healthcare Professionals in the region specifically and is worth checking out.

Apart from the very vibrant community in the region that truly gives you the feeling of being home, being an Healthcare Professionals in Qatar is a lucrative career move. On top of these different means to meet Filipinos, you can also depend on a quality career management team to help you with all that you need to keep your stay in Qatar comfortable and profitable.