1000 Job Ready Candidates


As of today, OFW Careers has started building up a pool of over 1000 qualified Job Ready Filipino candidates. All of these are currently working as healthcare professionals in the Gulf States, have signed up for the assistance that OFW Careers has to offer, and are raring up for the next steps up in their career. In fact, of this number, over 20% are currently lined up to take on their next jobs. That’s a bonus considering that the hectic nature of their work makes it difficult to do these things themselves.

A Challenge of Time

The biggest challenge in finding the next big step in your career is not that there aren’t any opportunities—rather, there isn’t enough time between your busy work schedule or shift to go through the standard process of updating your resume, finding an opportunity, sending out your resume, and following up. For that reason, many healthcare professionals finishing up their first contract in the Gulf States miss out on opportunities to earn more and advance their careers.

OFW Careers offers comprehensive career management services targeting experienced Filipino Healthcare Professionals and aims to provide essential support in their career path. They do this by leveraging technology to create relevant connections.

A Better Way

Beginning with no fees for applicants, OFW Careers offers a simpler and more intuitive way for Filipino healthcare professionals to connect with jobs that matches their skill sets and professional goals. OFW Careers even offers a convenient means by which applicants can be reminded of when their professional licenses and certificates need renewing. This level of convenience makes them the perfect partners for Filipino healthcare workers in the Gulf States.

Being Job Ready

At the core of OFW Careers is a database wherein applicants can post their updated resumes online—including copies of their relevant certificates and licenses. This data base is secure yet still easily accessible for applicants to update wherever they may be. This resume is then used to match and connect your stored skill sets to relevant job vacancies across the Gulf States. OFW Careers even handles presenting your customized resume to these job opportunities taking into consideration the requirements and criteria of each opportunity.

Managing Connections 

On top of all of that, OFW Careers facilitates the screening as well as the interview that is essential to your next career move. We connect to potential employers by providing them your profiles for easy review. The convenience and comprehensiveness of your Job Ready profiles means that your application isn’t mired and drowned out by many other candidates. This ease of connectivity is what allows the process to be smoother.

Why wait for opportunities when you can proactively reach out to them as you work? Join the growing number of your fellow Filipino Healthcare Professionals who are on the way to advancing their careers through our services. With OFW Careers, your next great opportunity is just around the corner. Contact us via email at info@ofwcareers.com and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about how we can help you today.