Career Services for Filipino Healthcare Professionals Abroad


Our focus is on experienced Filipino Healthcare Professionals who have completed or about to complete their first or subsequent contracts and looking to transition into a new employment opportunity whilst remaining deployed overseas. Our service ensures that as an experienced Overseas Filipino Worker we will maximise the advantage that you offer new employers over any first time overseas Filipino worker applicants. These advantages include that you already hold a current country visa, work permit and healthcare license and that the transfer process is much faster than for new applicants. The fact is you are job ready, experienced living overseas and ready for your next career progression move, within or across borders.


Our Aim is to support experienced healthcare OFWs by identifying your next career move and working behind the scenes to facilitate the process. We understand that you are already working 6/7 days a week and do not get the time to manage your next career move. So let us help you improve your career profile, get job ready and transition into that next employment offer.


We offer a free secure and professional Healthcare Career Management Service that ensures that you are always Job Ready for the next career move.

Goals and Aims

Be Job Ready

We make career moves possible for experienced Filipino healthcare professionals

We make the recruitment process simple and effective

Healthy Retention Rates

Automated notifications to help and support you in planning your renewal of your Professional Licenses and Life Support Certificates

Efficient Time to fill Rate

Time saving and receiving Resumes in templates/format required resulting in quick decision making by employers.

Healthcare Career Management Services

  • Match and Connect

    We identify your next career opportunity by matching and connecting your stored skill sets with job vacancies through our on line automated management system.

  • Be Presented

    We present your customised professional Resume for client consideration that addresses the essential job offer criteria and requirements.

  • We Do It For You

    We facilitate the screening, and interview for your next successful career move.

  • Career Management Profile

    Creates a free customised career management profile which contains your personal and professional key information such as copies of your licenses and certificates all held on our secure data base. This profile is accessible by you through a secured gateway for you to update your information and records in order to remain job ready wherever you are in the world.

  • Automated

    Provides automated notifications to manage the renewal of Professional licences and Certificates to ensure you are Job Ready.

  • No Fees for Applicants!

Be Job Ready!

Why Be Job Ready

If you are Job Ready your Resume Profile will be quickly matched to the next best healthcare opportunity that suits your skills and experience. This will place you in a very competitive position for shortlisting, interview and selection from the client.

What does Job Ready mean?

Your Resume and Career Profile are up to date along with your supporting Professional Healthcare Licences and Certificates. We will notify you with a reminder ahead of time when your Professional Licences and Certificates require renewal to remain Job Ready.

Can you Register / Apply

You can only Register or Apply if you currently have the following

Existing Healthcare Employment Contract Outside of the Philippines

Current Work Visa

Current Healthcare License Outside of Philippines

Why Register

  • Notify you of the next career opportunity that meets your skill and experience.

  • Submit your Resume and liaise interview activities that best meet your work life balance.

  • Continue to support you while abroad with your next career move.

  • A dedicated career service for experienced Overseas Filipino Licenced Professionals.

  • Maintain an updated Resume Career Profile to ensure that you are Job Ready.

  • Automated notifications to support you in planning your renewal of your Professional Licences and Life Support Certificates.

We know that there are many of you working six days a week and don’t have time to search for that next opportunity which will allow you to support you and your family better.

Be Job Ready for your Next Career Move

Employer Services

  • We support your organisation with effective tools by submitting templated Candidate Profiles for review and easy decision making.
  • By focusing on a workforce of Filipino professionals who are experienced abroad and currently licenced,  we aim to minimise the transition time of a successful recruit.
  • An experienced abroad Filipino Professional will provide a seamless transition into your organisation by already being culturally inducted to a living abroad work life balance.
  • We will facilitate and schedule interviews to suit your requirements.

Employer Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Strategies – system capability with communication platforms etc.
  • Clinical Expertise – clinical governance on candidate quality.
  • Quality Candidates – with managed careers.
  • Business Agility – model that suits requirements that can be flexed up and down and pay for performance to endorse a minimal capital investment and fixed cost commitment.
  • Cost Effective – time saving and receiving Resumes in templates/format required – quick decision making.
  • Risk Management – system governance and clinical support.